~ Since 2006 ~

Since 2006 working at the side of Horses

Gratitude is the Spirit behind all that is happening in the 3 farms which are part of the HHH (Human-Horse-Herd). At the moment of writing these words 41 Horses are part of the family and we have a basic team of 7 Grooms and 3 Kitchen Angels. The management team is composed by Horses and Humans. We all come from different places and different cultures, but we are at the present the Gratitude Tribe and we honour and respect each other and we follow the model of Authentic Leadership developed by Vanessa and the Horses. The Horses work as teachers and are not used but they choose what and when to do with whom. The rest of the time they live out in Herds


The 3 farms are organic and all work together to create a true farm to table environment for the People who live on them and for our guests at the eatery in Stilbaai

The mother gardens feed plants and trees to the last come into the family: Stilbaai - where we have an afforestation project active -

In each farm we protect the fauna and flora and we are respectful of the wild life present


We do every step of the way very consciously because every decision we make is based on the respect we have for the 7 generations to come

We know that this earth doesn't belong to us and we have the honour to be here now and experience what we are experiencing

We are very thankful for it

All the farms are self sufficient which means that we are also fully active during load shedding

Horse as Teacher: The Path to Relationship R200