~ Since 2006 ~

Apprenticeship - Gap Year - Sabbatical: 


Our long term experiential learning program helps people to become fully self at the side of Horses

It is composed of several modules which are divided in two years. The first year can be done as a stand alone period and can be used in the future to add the second year

It can be done as a: 

- long distance/on-site program 

or as 

- study on-site/live out

or as

study and live full time on-site

The first year can be done also as a gap year or a year of sabbatical 

The second year is developed for People who want to do the work at the side of the Horses as we do

First year is of 9 months with the finals at one year and one day

The second year is of 9 months with the finals at the two year and one day

Because we are all different, every person chooses when to start the study program, which is fully custom made according to the individual needs

The first and the second year both include 44 hours of private lessons with Vanessa. Experiential learning is done on the field either at the farm in Stilbaai or as a long distance assignment 

The investment in each year is, price valid for 2024: 

R32.832/9 months (it is R3648/m0nth)

Note: No refunds are done once the programs have started

Accommodation for the on-site study time is: R400/day in the Shakina (bathroom and kitchen shared); R600/day in the Shakina en-suite room; R1.100/day in small cottage.

Accommodation for full time on site is: R6000/month in the Shakina (bathroom and kitchen shared); R8000/month in the Shakina en-suite room; R12.000/month in small cottage. 

Very committed students can get discounts on accommodation if/when they help with the daily routines of the Horses. This can only be decided once the commitment of the student has been demonstrated on site