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 We are official stockist of Barefoot Saddles and Tack in South Africa

To ride a Horse is an Honour and therefor we shall respect these kind beings, who choose to carry us, using tack which is kind to them



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Who is the developer of Barefoot saddles? 

The treeless saddles and tack of Barefoot have been developed by German Horse Physiotherapist Sabine Ullmann with the aim to give to the Horses the respect that we owe them when we ride or/and do ground work

Are Barefoot saddles good? 

The Barefoot treeless saddles have a VPS -Vertebrae Protection System- which allows spinal clearance and weight distribution

Why a bit less bridle? 

The bit-less bridles allow the Horses a 'pain-free' ridden experience. The Horses can concentrate on what is really important: the rider and the co-creative path they are on

Are there new Barefoot Saddles in stock in South Africa?

We keep as much stock as we can and we can do custom imports. Custom imports can have an influence on the end price

Can you jump in a Barefoot Saddle? 

Barefoot has developed treeless saddles for the different needs: jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance, trail riding and pleasure. All the saddles have a VPS system which protects the spine of the Horses

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