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Breakthrough the illusion of yourself and find out who you really are!

-Emotional Intelligence-
(Please note: where necessary, the following can be changed without prior notice)

What is a Breakthrough?

  • It is a 10-day process during which: all that is not of Core to a person is going to be integrated -where/when necessary- and released; old wounds are integrated and their lessons learned; Responsibility for own life creation is understood and developed further; we check Believes and Values and we do a re-set of patterns; the Ego is going to be understood and a new reality starts; we then define new Frames of Reference and Boundaries to be able to 're-enter' day to day reality with a New Awareness and New Mindset
  • can be done in the following languages: Italiano, Deutsch, English, French, Spanish (Vanessa understands Spanish but will respond in Italian)
  • can be done as a long-distance (or mixed) process as well: video sessions are used 
  • special packages can be done for couples, mother/daughter, father/son, corporate teams
  • extremely effective for PTSD: we had war veterans as clients and they were able to rebuild a normal life reality after releasing what was not serving them any longer
  • used for long lasting grieving processes which can be resolved and understood
  • very effective for people who want to move out of addictions: several of our clients were able to slowly reduce or completely stop using substances which were helping them to mitigate the reality around them. Once free and in rhythm with life drugs are not necessary
  • we helped teenagers, who were imposed with Ritalin during their young life, to understand who they were and how they were meant to deal with their energies in a constructive way
  • very effective as a coaching time-framed module to help organise time and personal, professional or corporate growth. Very efficient process for people in charge of HR in a corporate environment. Peaceful working environment brings to a reduction of sick leaves and burnout rates

According to the level of work, one is prepared to do, we offer 3 different processes. The 4 and 6 hours/day include ridden work and the 6 hours/day also Horse training:  

  1. 2 hours/10 days* R14.850 p/p 
  2. 4 hours/10 days* R29.850 p/p ('One with the Horse' ridden/ground work included)
  3. 6 hours/10 days* R44.850 p/p ('One with the Horse' ridden/ground work and Horse training included)

* the 10 days can be divided over several week ends and/or done as a long-distance process. Customised  (long distance/on site) processes are also  possible. 

T&C -Terms and Conditions:

  • Dates are confirmed only once we receive proof of payment
  • Once the program has started if the participant/s decide to drop off the experiential learning program the full amount will be forfeited
  • EFT in following account: GRATITUDE FARM, ABSA, Acc.: 4056437976, Branch 632005, Reference: your name
  • Credit card payment options available for 'out of country' payments. Please check with your credit card provider in case you don't manage to complete the payment
  • For cancellations please allow 24h. Less than 24h will the paid amount is forfeited
  • Purchased sessions are valid for a maximum of 3 months
  • Weight limit of 70kg for ridden work. Ground work no limit
  • Not allowed: hitting, whipping, spurs, politics, nonsense, abuse, racism, judgement, inflated egos
  • Safety first for the Horses and the People is what we value the most. Sturdy shoes and protection helmets shall be used when interacting and/riding Horses
  • Participant in breakthrough get a 40% discount on accommodation and 10% on restaurant a'-la-carte menu
  • Prices include 15%VAT