~ Since 2006 ~

Experiential Learning Authentic Leadership  

-Skills development/on-site-

Horses are 'shaping' the leaders of the future: be-come one of them!

The competitive world is 'producing' a reality in which People and Horses are just objects to be praised or discarded. 

At Gratitude we offer something different: constructive Change!

Our leadership study programs are developed for everyone (private and corporate), aged from 16, who wants to find the own Path and experience Authentic Leadership through the different arts -used together in our programs-:

- equestrian

- organic farming

- sustainable eco hospitality

- 'farm to table' food preparation 

Discipline in Diversity is the key of our programs! People learn from the Horses and implement in day to day reality the learned lessons. Authentic Leadership is not something you can learn in a book and repeat, you have to become it!

Because our work is experiential and we help people to find their own life Rhythm the right timing is crucial for a quick and persistent change, therefor we don't use dates: you start when you are ready to start and you finish when you feel that you are finished!

and also: you can purchase a group of hours but you decide how many to use in which days; in case of team building the team will decide how many hours and in how many days to use. 

Note: if a person is not emotional agile enough it is better to choose a breakthrough

  • 20 hours -to be used as wanted for a max of 6 hours experiential work a day- R14.850 p/p
  • 40 hours -to be used as wanted for a max of 6 hours experiential work a day- R29.850 p/p
  • 60 hours -to be used as wanted for a max of 6 hours experiential work a day- R44.850 p/p
  • 1/2 year and 1 year packages available for people who want to become professional in Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning

T&C -Terms and Conditions:

  • Dates are confirmed only once we receive proof of payment
  • Once the program has started if the participant/s decide to drop off the experiential learning program the full amount will be forfeited
  • EFT in following account: GRATITUDE FARM, ABSA, Acc.: 4056437976, Branch 632005, Reference: your name
  • Credit card payment options available for 'out of country' payments. Please check with your credit card provider in case you don't manage to complete the payment
  • For cancellations please allow 24h. Less than 24h will the paid amount is forfeited.
  • Weight limit of 70kg for ridden work. Ground work no limit
  • Not allowed: hitting, whipping, spurs, politics, nonsense, abuse, racism, judgement, inflated egos
  • Safety first for the Horses and the People is what we value the most. Sturdy shoes and protection helmets shall be used when interacting and/riding Horses
  • Participant in breakthrough get a 40% discount on accommodation and 10% on restaurant a'-la-carte menu
  • Prices include 15%VAT