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    Who is Vanessa Malvicini ?

    born in Milano -Italy- in 1970 she has dedicated her whole life to understand Love and Integrity, with the help of her life partner Karsten and the Horses. Growing up with the Horses, she keeps now developing spaces where the Horses can do the work that they are born to do: guide People to reach a better expression of themselves: fully empowered in the power of Love and live a joyous live full of Peace                                            
  • In 2002 Vanessa got a herd of 9-month-old appaloosa Horses. She was living with her family, composed by a husband and 3 children, in Noordhoek, close to Cape Town. She started to study and research different methods like: Parelli, Gavani Pony Boy, Carolyn Resnick, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling. 
  • She then came across -in 2004- Linda Kohanov written work and she felt a strong call to go and further research what this lady was writing about. This was the beginning of Vanessa's deep connection and understanding of the emotional system of Horses. She spent then almost 2 years studying with Linda and Kathleen Berry Ingram, who together had developed an apprenticeship to help people explore the work  Horses do. After the Apprenticeship, and other studies to become a qualified life Coach, Vanessa started to offer her work in South Africa, Italy and Germany. She then developed her methods further getting more and more interested in the Wild Horses 
  • Since then she has never stopped developing herself further, continuously working on reaching a space of personal freedom from fear. All she wanted to become was Love and have a life experience of Peace. She soon discovered that the Horses knew the way and she just followed them and Spirit. Their guidance helped her to reach a space of understanding that she didn't know anything and in that nothingness everything existed, and she was at peace with it. Being no-one doing nothing became her new self. And so she does, at the side of Horses. They together teach people how to achieve Peace in forgetting all that one knows and allowing wholeness to step in

    What is EFEL- Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning? 

     The Horses work as teachers of Peace and Vanessa facilitates the work that they do. It is learning through the experience done and the lessons learned are permanent. Some clients give us feedback that compared to talking therapy the work we do is more effective and helps them to move forward in their life more efficiently. We don't create dependency, but rather have independent and empowered people walking out of our doors

    What is Personal development with Horses? 

    What is it? Only as Vanessa started to follow the Horses and change she realised how stuck she was in her 'adult' and 'normal' reality. She feels, that she was living in auto-pilot mode till then. She was not feeling fulfilled and at peace, but always chasing for more and be either fearful, angry or depressed. Now she understands that she was not fully herself. This is what personal development did for Vanessa: it helped her to become fully empowered. One cannot look for something one doesn't even know that it exists. By us we help you to see who your really are in all your authenticity

    What is 'One with the Horse' natural Horsemanship?

    Horses have been at the side of Humans and have helped People to do all that they needed to, for centuries. In the last decades, and since the industrial revolution, Horses have become more and more Ego-gratification tools. But are they happy in doing so? We are aware, that Horses are happy when they live out and in Herds: playing, running, fighting, grazing and at times interacting with Humans. We can see how the Horses, who work at our side, get empowered and are keen to work with us. Why? Because they do what they have always done: help Humans to be better. 'One with the Horse' is a training methodology Vanessa has developed with the Horses. People learn to trust, lead and follow like Horses do. In this way an Authentic Relationship is created in which both parties are empowered and help each other to be a better expression of self. The skills learned can then be applied in any sector of life: corporate, family, school and in any relationship