~ Since 2006 ~

Short Programs 

there is nothing conventional in our offering!

(Please note: where necessary, the following can be changed without prior notice)

Our Programs have been developed for private and corporate needs

No Horse experience is required to take part
Any age group: from toddlers to over 100 -as long as you can breath and as long as your heart is beating :) -
We are at your side to assist you to unlearn the image you have created of yourself and really get to know you: at peace and able to experience life as the beautiful adventure it is
The best investment you can do is in your personal development at the side of Horses!

After 20 years of assisting adults to find themselves again, first in Noordhoek then in Riversdale and in George, in 2019 we opened the Wellness Village in Stilbaai with the aim to help children to stay as whole and genial as they are and assist their parents to understand how to allow it to happen. What we underestimated was that an ego-driven parent is mostly unwilling to allow a child to stay whole and so the process of 'moulding' the young soul into a dominated by the ego reality starts.

All the programs - the short ones as in this page or the Breakthrough, the Experiential Learning Leadership Program, the Apprenticeship or the Retreats and Workshop - have all the same aim: to help people to remember a part of themselves which is One with the whole around. The stronger the Ego, and with it the believe that 'we know it all', the longer the process can be

The ultimate goal? Peace through the understanding that all is One and we are part of that wholeness

Short Activities (children up to 12 years):

  • Horse Time 20 min  R350 p/p
  • Horse time 30 min R450 p/p
  • Horse riding* beginners one hour R 1050 (time includes preparation and taking care of Horse. Actual riding is around 20 Minutes)
  • Horse riding* skilled riders one hour R1250 p/p (time includes preparation and taking care of Horse. Actual riding is around 30 Minutes)

One or more Hour Activities -*for group of 2 or more please consider at least 1/2 hour per person-:

(on and off site possible*)

  • emotional intelligence and agility private session single R1250 p/p
  • 'one with the Horse'  riding* for beginner riders 1 hour R1250 p/p (time includes preparation and taking care of Horse. Actual riding is around 20 Minutes)
  • 'one with the Horse'  riding* for skilled riders 1 and 1/2 hour R1650 p/p (time includes preparation and taking care of Horse. Actual riding is around 50 Minutes)
  • long distance animal communication session R1250/hour
  • relationship private session couple R950 p/p
  • authentic leadership corporate one-on-one R1250 p/p
  • authentic leadership team building -4 or more participants*- R750 p/p
  • family boundary -2 or more- R950 p/p
  • family boundary -4 or more- R750 p/p
  • off-site sessions: as above plus travel costs*

*travel costs: till one km from farms free; from 1km upwards is R6.50/km. Accommodation, when necessary, on client's account. Vanessa spends half of the year in Europe, following the summer, and she offers her work as requested and/or needed. Please contact to make arrangements as needed, thank you!

T&C -Terms and Conditions:

  • EFT in following account: GRATITUDE FARM, ABSA, Acc.: 4056437976, Branch 632005, Reference: your name
  • Session and Lessons are paid in advance and only booked once proof of payment is received
  • For cancellations please allow 24h. Less than 24h the paid amount is forfeited
  • Purchased sessions are valid for a maximum of 3 months after that the full amount is forfeited 
  • *Weight limit of 70kg for ridden work. Ground work no limit
  • Not allowed: hitting, whipping, spurs, politics, nonsense, abuse, racism, judgement, inflated egos
  • Safety first for the Horses and the People is what we value the most. Sturdy shoes and protection helmets shall be used when interacting and/or riding Horses
  • Prices as in this page are in South African Rand and are valid for the work done in South Africa. They include 15%VAT
  • Please enquire for the prices for the work in Europe, thank you!